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The daily practice of Action Oriented Reflection was investigated in a joint Action Research/Graduate Capstone project. T-tests revealed a statistically significant positive impact on Algebra 1 student summative assessment means.

The implementation, results and conclusion paper is here:

The Action Research/Graduate Capstone investigation is titled: Action Oriented Reflection: An Ongoing Student Self-Assessment Strategy to Improve Learning.

Here is the Abstract from my Literature Review and Change in Practice paper:

Schools are placing increased emphasis on the formative process of student learning as opposed to primarily on summative outcomes. Many studies and publications delineate the inherent benefits to student learning from this rebalancing. An important consideration in the formative learning process is the extent to which students embrace ownership of their learning and utilize strategies that effectively lead from formation of learning to demonstration of understanding. One such strategy is arming students with an ongoing, user-friendly, proactive, results-oriented, self-assessment tool that I call Action Oriented Reflection (AOR). There is growing evidence in the literature across all educational levels from kindergarten to university that tools of this type can result in improved student ownership, motivation and learning outcomes.

The full Literature Review and Change in Practice is here: