Reflecting with Frost on The Road I've Taken
A different take on the "Three R's"

Teachers Teaching Teachers PD day, February 8, 2011. Click on the following for 46 terrific resources on formative assessment, feedback, reflection, self-evaluation and self-assessment. Let me know if you would like me to send you any of the article PDFs. . Please click on the "TTT Reflection Practices" link in the left-hand column of this wiki page for all of the TTT resources I used at our cross-campus meeting.

Click for examples of using Reflection across teaching practices in meaningful ways.
Click for thoughts on Teacher Leadership at Shanghai American School.

Click for my reflections on The Art and Science of Teaching.
Click for a partnership reflection on Eastern-interdependent and Western-interdependent self-construals.

Click for my reflections on Philip Simmons' book Learning To Fall: The Blessings Of An Imperfect Life.

Click for a partnership reflection on the influence of culture on self-esteem.