Click to view the Grade 8 Mathematics standards and benchmarks at Shanghai American School.
Here are SAS's grades 6-12 Mathematics Essential Teaching Agreements.

As SAS moves forward focusing learning on meaningful curricular content standards we are also considering the critical role that successful behaviors play in student learning, as well as how to evaluate and report the extent to which students engage in those behaviors. One such example is evaluating how the traditional solely academic results oriented report card and derivative Honor Roll can be modified to stimulate intrinsic student motivation throughout the learning process resulting in enduring learner benefits.

SAS is moving toward a dual reporting structure where in addition to academic grading we evaluate and report across a Student as a Learner Profile (SLP) continuum. The SLP criteria are captured here:

Having been involved as a Team Leader in the collaborative process of developing this SLP continuum at our school, I suggested we evaluate and modify the use of Honor Roll, consistent with the direction we are taking in evaluating and reporting student learning. Here is a Keynote presentation I presented to our Middle School Leadership Team: