Teachers Teaching Teachers PD day, February 8, 2011. Click on the following for 46 terrific resources on formative assessment, feedback, reflection, self-evaluation and self-assessment. Let me know if you would like me to send you any of the article PDFs.

Here is the Keynote presentation I am using for this session.

Below are other potentially helpful resources on effective reflection practices:

I. Action-Oriented Reflection (Student Self-Assessment and Action Planning Template)

II. Survey Monkey (Algebra class and Teenage Success Exploratory examples)

III. Student as a Learner Profile (Student Self-Evaluation)

IV. Other resources
a. Survey Monkey. Many teachers at SAS and other schools use Survey Monkey mainly because it's free, anonymous, and the online platform is quite stable and easy to use. All you have to do is Sign Up and begin creating your own surveys. The survey results are immediately available. They give example questions for each type so you can more easily design the survey to get the information you're after. By the way, most students really like taking surveys because it shows you value their input, and when you review the results with them they feel further empowered.

If you want to upgrade for additional reporting capabilities you can do that, too, but most teachers find the Basic Version is all they need.
Here's the website:

b. Teenage Success: Success Cycle and Goal Setting/Action Planning Template
c. Marzano on Student Feedback

d. McMillan on Student Self-Assessment

e. Hattie on Feedback

f. Quinton and Smallbone on Reflection

g. Andrade and Du on Student Self-Assessment