This is the place for Mr. Green's Algebra I class Virtual School on Friday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 4.
Here is the Planning Template if you need it.

Virtual School assignment: complete the "Using Factoring 3-- 0910" investigation sheets, all 14 problems.

Here is the "Using Factoring 3-- 0910" handout if you need another one.

--Complete all 14 problems as directed on the handout
--These are the steps required for each problem:
--set each quadratic equation equal to zero
--factor and get roots (zeros)-- these are the x-intercepts
--plot both x-intercepts on the x-axis of the graph grid
--determine the x-coordinate of the vertex (halfway between the two x-intercepts)
--draw a dashed vertical line representing the axis of symmetry (goes through the x-coordinate of the vertex)
--determine the y-coordinate of the vertex by plugging in the x-coordinate of the vertex into the quadratic equation and solving
--you now know the coordinates of the vertex
--plot the vertex on the graph grid
--determine the y-intercept by plugging in zero for x in the quadratic equation and solving
--plot the y-intercept on the graph grid
--draw a representative parabola going through all the points and draw arrows to show end-behavior

That's it! Well done!!
To check your work click on the KEY

Also, here are the KEYS for the Wednesday/Thursday homework assignment in order to check your work:

If you have questions:
--first read the Instructions above!
--then check your sheets completed in class and the homework KEYS above to refresh your memory and skills
--then check the KEY to all of the Virtual School questions (above)
--if needed, post a question for me and/or your classmates in the Discussion tab above and I will respond